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At Kinetic CX, we offer services that cover every stage of the customer and employee experience journey. From conducting a CX audit to fully strategizing and implementing excellence in customer experience, we can assist you in achieving your desired outcomes. Whether you are just beginning to understand your customers and their experiences or seeking a transformation, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Analyze CX

  • Research & Development
  • CX Audits
  • Pain Point Discovery
  • Customer Centricity Audit
  • Persona Discovery

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Design CX

  • CX Roadmaps
  • EX Roadmaps
  • VoC & VoE Programs
  • Digital CX Design
  • Journey Redesign
  • Process Reengineering

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Activate CX

  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • C-Suite CX Alignment
  • Program Activation
  • CX Measurement

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Optimize CX

  • CX Corporate Governance
  • CX Advisory
  • CX Innovation
  • CX Sustainability
  • CX Reporting & Analysis

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Leveraging behavioural science for exceptional customer experience

At Kinetic CX, we believe that people are at the heart of every experience. That's why we take a scientific approach to understanding their motivations, thoughts, and emotions in order to design seamless service journeys that guide customers towards their desired outcomes. By diving deep into what drives human behaviour, we create tailored solutions for our clients that lead to meaningful connections and lasting success.

By deeply understanding the behaviour of your customers and employees, we are able to pinpoint the exact changes needed to quickly re-engineer their experience, ultimately driving the desired commercial results and outcomes.

Using emotion, logic, and behaviour to select customer personas

At Kinetic CX, we understand that people's behaviour is influenced by a combination of emotions, logic, and the "in-between" factors. This combination is constantly evolving and can vary depending on the type of product or service, as well as the current economic climate. We strive to help our clients understand and navigate these complexities to identify and improve their target personas.

Our team at Kinetic CX helps organizations identify their target customer personas, aligning them with product positioning and pricing to drive optimal business outcomes. By creating these targeted personas and connecting them to the offerings of a company, we ensure that any customer experience enhancements will result in maximum commercial success.

Reimagined journeys designed for optimal business outcomes

At Kinetic CX, we believe that traditional customer journey mapping is no longer as effective as it once was. As the CX and EX disciplines have evolved, we have come to understand that customer journeys are based on individual needs and behaviours, and cannot be segmented into generic categories. The consumer often moves in a non-linear, unpredictable pattern, flipping and flopping between different stages of exploration and evaluation. By recognizing and incorporating this "messy middle" into our journey mapping approach, we can create a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the customer journey so we can redesign the expereince to deliver the desired outcome.

As CX practitioners, the question is how to break the cycle and convince the consumer to choose our brand over others. It's not about forcing them out of their shopping process, but rather providing them with all the information and assurance they need to confidently make a purchasing decision. Ultimately, our goal is to persuade them to stop browsing and commit to buying from us.

Creating CX roadmaps for business transformation and maximum ROI

Our unique approach to designing CX roadmaps stems from our background in growing businesses. We understand that in order for a business to thrive and grow, there needs to be a deep understanding of the customer and an employee mindset that prioritizes the desired customer experience. Every aspect of the business must work together to support this ultimate goal.

Our CX roadmaps are tailored to each client, taking into consideration budgets, strategic objectives, and industry sector. Our comprehensive approach includes analyzing operational management, processes, technology usage, and human capital management to determine the best path forward.

Our roadmap approach ensures that clients receive a practical and realistic plan that meets their business goals.

How can we help you?

Service Ideas

  • CX Audit

    Identify the gaps and pain points impacting your customers

  • CX Roadmap Design

    Design the CX roadmap that will impact your bottom-line profitability

  • CX Activation

    Take the necessary action to implement your plans, improve experiences and meet your business objectives