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Voice of Stakeholders: Towards Best Practices for Continual Improvement

At the core of a good continual improvement program is understanding what stakeholders consider valuable for them. Defining value for different stakeholders is often overlooked as a key component in the design and execution of a continual improvement plan. A more holistic view is required to gain the necessary insights that define what different stakeholders consider valuable. The approach would be to create a Voice of the Stakeholder (VoS) program to gather insights and take appropriate actions that lead to a new value that specific stakeholders consider valuable.

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CX Strategy

Why Customer Experience Matters

This paper was written for the Prime Minister’s Office in the United Arab Emirates. The paper was used as a guide for government offices as to why they need to undertake a proactive approach towards improving the customer/citizen experience.

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Ethical CX - The New Differentiator

Customers are more concerned than ever about the behind the scenes manipulation of their data. Recent events have fueled the growing fears of customers. Ethical CX offers companies an opportunity to earn back trust and achieve long-term loyalty.

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Trust & Authenticity- New Customer Values

The COVID-19 crisis has changed how people behave and what they now consider valuable. The challenging marketplace has led many organisations to invest in elevating their CX to meet new customer expectations. Trust and Authenticity are now considered essential components in any CX strategy. Learn more about why this is the new normal.

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CX Organisational Transformation

This paper explores some of the critical considerations when undertaking CX organisational transformation. Changing the status quo in an organisation can be challenging. The report provides some practical steps to make the process more effective.
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The Pursuit of Customer Happiness

What is customer happiness? It might be easier to answer this question by firstly outlining what it is not. It is not your customer satisfaction results from your call centre, and it’s not your survey results after a purchase is made. It’s also not about how superior your products are in the marketplace or how low your prices are in the marketplace. Customer happiness is a much broader concept that is designed to reflect the emotional relationship a person has with your brand.

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Customer Experience in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has changed customer expectations in a profound way. Customers now expect organisations to keep them safe from catching COVID-19. This survival guide provides 10 practical actions organisations can take to meet these new expectations and deliver a great customer experience.
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The Real Financials of CX

To design a compelling customer experience program the initiatives need to be measured using financial metrics that can be easily measured and translate into tangible economic benefits. This paper outlines metrics that are often overlooked, but when factored into the ROI of CX will demonstrate the financial value of any CX strategic program.

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Expereince My Brand

Experience My Brand author and CEO Joe Tawfik, shows the reader how to analyse, design, and implement a branded customer experience program. The 368 page book outlines a 30-stage methodology to achieve a branded experience that can differentiate the organisation and achieve bottom-line profits. The book specifically aims to overcome the poor performance of the vast majority of customer experience programs currently implemented and not achieving their desired ROI.

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Digital CX

Digital Customer Experience Best Practices

With consumer behaviours changing at a rapid rate towards digital channels, the stakes to win over consumers have never been higher. As multiple businesses accelerate their digital transformation, there is the risk that some fundamental customer experience best practices are not implemented properly, leading to potentially enormous lost opportunities and, in some cases, damage to your brand. 

In this paper, we have provided the fundamentals of digital customer experience best practices and provided examples of how leading companies have used them to grow.

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What is the Metaverse? Market Opportunities & Potential Explained

Following on from Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about Facebook hedging its future on the metaverse and transforming its name to Meta, many people have been seeking information about the metaverse. The report, titled What is the metaverse? - Market potential & opportunities explained provides a synthesis of all the key elements that define what research company Emergen Research says will be a US 1.6 trillion-dollar market by 2030.
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New Growth Accelerators For A Crowded Internet

Ever since the Pandemic began, consumers have been spending significantly more time online and are undertaking more searches to find things and answer everyday problems. Like all of us are aware, there are so many choices on the Internet. This paper provides insights from Google researchers on how to cut through a crowded Internet.

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5 Technologies Redefining Customer Experience

This paper examines five emerging technologies that are likely to have the greatest impact on the future of customer experience. Organisations need to constantly develop innovative ways to create value for customers. These technologies can offer companies the tools to differentiate their brands in the future.
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Redefining CX for Digital

Customer expectations have been reshaped by technology. We now live in a hyperconnected world that provides us with access to just about any product or service at our fingertips. This new reality has changed what consumers value. This paper outlines how customer experiences have been redefined in the digital age.

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Apple's AR Opens Commercial Opportunities

The potential for A.R. in the commercial world to transform the customer experience is significant. Apple has facilitated the adoption of A.R. into the commercial world through two key initiatives.
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