Cultural Learning & Development

Achieving Customer Experience excellence requires a shift in mindset to occur with employees. Our cultural learning and development are designed to instil new behaviours that will lead to new embedded practices in line with your CX vision and goals. We have experts....

Project & Change Management

Our people are trained professionals with years of experience in the implementation of customer experience transformation and tactical projects. Tell me more…

CX Governance & ROI

Any customer experience program needs to deliver measurable commercial results such as elevating the brand and acquiring and retaining more customers. Best practice CX governance ensures sustainable results over the long-term. See how we can help...
Best Practice Models

Full CX Service Provider

Reach the full potential of your Customer Experience blueprint with Kinetic CX as your implementation partner. We are the leading provider in customer experience services, offering our clients experienced senior professionals to transform and elevate our clients’ customer experience.  Our full range of CX implementation services covers the entire customer experience development lifecycle. Whether it is consulting, blueprint design, project management, employee development, or journey mapping, our professionals have the tools and best-practice methodologies to deliver measurable results. We are with you the whole way from initial rollout to optimization and ROI measurement of your Customer Experience initiatives. Our goal is to make our clients into customer experience leaders! Read how we help clients in Australia, UAE and Saudi Arabia


Expert resources to implement any stage of the CX development lifecycle.

Your Employees to Achieve CX Excellence

Bringing your customer experience blueprint to life and achieving your vision is not just about customer initiatives. Having employees mastering customer experience best practices without thinking about them takes your CX governance to a whole other level!
Employees Empowered

Building Customer Advocacy Through Unique Branded Experiences

Trust is the cornerstone for building customer loyalty. Consistent high-value experiences at critical journey stages occur when employees regularly take the appropriate actions to deliver on the brand promise.

We provide more than just expert customer experience professionals for your project. Our customer research, insights, and methodologies used for our consulting practice are utilized for all our implementations to ensure the highest standards of CX project execution. We create new value for our clients by enabling the customer experience strategy to achieve brand differentiation and capture new market share

Customer Experience Governance Best Practices

Elevate CX

Customer expectations are continually evolving. Organizations are continuously seeking to deliver new value for their customers to build trust and loyalty. What are the latest trends and best practices in Customer Experience? Let our experts help you elevate your CX!

Standardize CX

Being able to deliver consistently high levels of services across all touchpoints at every stage of the customer lifecycle is one of the most important accomplishments for achieving customer experience excellence. How do you achieve this? Let our professionals in process excellence and training instil new work practices that can deliver standardized experiences.

Monitor CX

Do you have the right insights about your customers? Do you have them across all channels and are you measuring the right elements? To effectively monitor customer experience you first need to measure the right elements and have the processes in place to analyse root cause problems. Our experts can help establish an effective monitoring mechanism to ensure you are properly measuring the right CX components.

Remedy Poor CX

Taking action to prevent customer problems from recurring is a pivotal component that many organizations struggle with. How do you do it and what are the triggers to take action? Continual improvement in Customer Experience requires more than just a process. The organization must have the mindset to continually change and adapt to putting its customers first. Let our experts help change the mindset!

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