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Based in Sydney, Australia, our local and international CX professionals come with years of experience transforming and elevating brands by applying local customer knowledge with international customer experience best practices. We bring the very best of tried and proven methods to ensure your customer experience vision is executed with precision and achieves measurable results. We are all about creating and sustain long-term value for our clients. We accomplish this by ensuring our work includes employee empowerment and mentoring so that your people can continue delivering value for your customers long after we have finished our work.

Australian-Made CX for the Local Marketplace.

The Australian marketplace has changed over the years, and the vast multicultural population has placed new challenges on how to deliver exceptional customer experiences for all Australians from all walks of life. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading customer experience companies, helping businesses adapt to Australians' changing needs. How is Australian CX different? The answer to this question lies somewhere in the adoration of iconic brands such as Vegemite, the love of the outdoors, and the commitment to mateship. With our office located at Martin Place in Sydney, our team of industry experts have garnered a reputation for creating the most effective and practical customer experience strategies for a range of organisations throughout the world.

Leading Customer Experience Services

Our customer experience services are leading in the marketplace because they cover the entire lifecycle of development. Whether it's the design of a CX roadmap or the measurement of the return on investment from any initiatives implemented, our team of customer experience professions can customise a service to meet your objectives. Here are just some of the services we offer:

    • Customer Experience Consulting
    • Project and Change Management
    • Learning & Development
    • Process Reengineering
    • Journey mapping and analysis
    • Voice of the Customer design
    • CX audit
    • CX corporate governance

What is Profitable Customer Experience?

At Kinetic CX, we believe that customer experience is a key defining competitive driver. A customer experience program's success has to be ultimately measured by an improvement in bottom-line results, reduction in operating costs, an increase in new customers, lower customer churn, or an improvement in brand value. Achieving a profitable customer experience not only requires careful design of customer journeys but an organisation that has the expertise to execute, culture, clarity of vision, and leadership to achieve market differentiating results. Our planned CX implementation process is practical and takes your company on a structured and proven journey towards achieving branded customer experience for greater financial rewards.

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